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About us

DOLLS N GUYS SALOON started in the year 2012 by Mrs Sakshi. They had very early on embraced the notion that day-by-day people were becoming more style conscious and were willing to experiment with their looks.

The first DOLLS N GUYS SALOON salon was opened in Mehmoorganj with the aim of serving the best services not only in hair and beauty but also in bridal make-up and other professional needs. Competitively priced to cater to the varied customers whose footfall is increasing, the salon has made a mark not only in the business industry but also has become a household name. It is now considered to be a leading and innovative beauty salon with one of the finest amenities and professionally trained and experienced staffs and to make sure the salon retains the credibility it has earned over the years, the founding members Mrs. Sakshi continue to closely monitor and supervise the staff efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Today, there 3 Salons, including one for ladies only at Bhojubeer. Each salon is located at prime locations easily accessible and tailored to meet to the assorted requests of the customers.